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Hydraulic Pump & Valve
Piston Pump Vane Pump Pressure Control Valve Flow Control Valve Direction Control Valve
Modular Valve Proportional Electro-Hydraulic Control Valves

    Piston Pump

    Variable Piston Pump is a highly efficient swash piston pump with low production of noise; it is also energy-efficient and emits low amount of smoke

    It can be extensively applied to various types of machine tools, injection molding and steel-making facilities etc. due to its different control methods and driverse theoretical capacities

    Vane Pump

    A low-noise, high-pressure and high-efficiency pump

    Has a discharge amount in the range of 5.8-237 cm3/rev for various fields of applications, such as for an injection-modeling device

    The pump has a cartridge interior, which facilitates easy repair and maintenance

    Pressure Control Valve

    Pressure control valves are designed to protect the system from excessive pressure and noise, and also to control and maintain a certain range of pressure. Our products consist of pressure control valves that can control different pressure types

    Flow Control Valve

    Flow control valves regulate pressure and temperature. There are many types of control valves that can safely and accurately control the flow speed

    Direction Control Valve

    Direction control valves change the direction of flow in the flow circuit to control or change the power and the direction of actuator's moton(cylinder,motors,etc.)

    There are many types of direction control valves available tha ensure a stable operation and minimize losses due to high pressure/excessive flow rate

    Modular Valve

    Modular valves are integrated type of valves assembled with only bolts and without using pipes, which modern oil pressure equipment require for diversity and rationality

    Modular valves have various applications in many types of machines, and heavy equipment used for shipbuilding and steel industries

    Proportional Electro-Hydraulic Control Valves

    Proportional Electro-Hydraulic Control Valves are highly precise, simple and convenient to use. High precision can be achieved using the remote control fuction and there are many types of proportional Electro-Hydraulic valves

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