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Air Brake & ClutchSelection

    How to choose right goods. Requirements

    Important factors should be considered as follows for any devices including clutch brake or coupling unit.
  1. The needs for machine = Selections of model
  2. Transmission force = Torque
  3. The Space = Installation conditions
  4. Driving and brake = Capacity of torque
  5. Sudden braking or tension controller
  6. Operation times = Life cycle
  7. The capacity of main drive
    After getting the data, choose the right clutch, brake and coupling units. And consider follows.

    The formula

    The factors are needed for rotating movement as follows.

    T = Torque

    HP = The capacity / power of motor or engine

    N = Rotations Per Minute

    T =

    Example) Motor power is 2HP and Rotations Per Minute is 1,750. IN this condition, transmitted or braked torque is this.

    T =

    T = 0.82 kgf.m

    These figures which are imperfect are those of clutch and brake. Based on our experience, we offer more accurate and safe figures considering safely factor(K). This is the figure of torque which is applied to the formula.

    T = × K

    and consider the safety factor as follows.

    Example) In case safety ratio is low torque or normal motor, appiy to 1.8 ~ 2.5

    T = 716 × K

    T = 716 × 2.5

    T = 2.05kgf.m


    1. Shaft should be machined very precisely. (g6)
    2. Radial tolerance for clutch and shaft should be rectangular within 0.05mm.
    3. The air hole should be used at the place of right angle to keyway.
    4. Be careful not to damage or bend shaft when assembling spline gear.
    5. An outlet for supplying air should be placed for below direction.
    6. For faster operation, shorten the distance between solenoid valve and air clutch(or air break)
    7. The pipe should be cleaned completely by brushing before connected to clutch.
    8. The gab should be set up within 0.5mm ~ 1.2mm after being installed.
    9. Check and replace the friction disk, O ring and U packing regularly.
    10. Check if oil or other materials are put in disk lining and friction disk.
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