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Air Brake & ClutchAir Clamp Brake
CBA-100 Type, CBH-100 Type CBA-60 Type, CBH-60 Type, CBA-200 Type
HMC-1A(2A) Type HMC-1H(2H) Type HMC-3A Type HMC-3H Type Selection

    CBA-100 Type, CBH-100 Type

    ☞ Check Point

  1. Applied to wide range of torques by regulating air pressure. Good for quick braking and tension control.
  2. Easy installation and replacement.
  3. By using hand brake and spring compression, it is possible to keep control
  4. power without air pressure. It is also possible to get necessary torque with temporary adjustment and it lasts long.

    ☞ Examples

[CBA-100 Type]

[CBH-100 Type]

  1. Specification

    CBA-60 Type, CBH-60 Type, CBA-200 Type

[CBA-60 Type]

[CBH-60 Type]

  1. Specification

[CBA-200 Type]

  1. Specification

    -The relationship between air pressure and torque (CBA-200)

    HMC-1A(2A) Type

  1. Specification

    HMC-1H(2H) Type

  1. Specification

    HMC-3A Type

    HMC-3H Type

  1. Specification


    Air pressure clamping type brake is used for quick braking and tension control. They have to be selected based on the factors below.
  1. Required braking torque
  2. Air pressure for tension control
  3. Diameter of friction disk
  4. Heat generation rate
    Friction torque of air pressure clamping type can be obtained according to the formula.

    T = 2 × R × µ × A × P

    T : dynamic friction torque(kgf.m)

    µ : Friction coefficient(0.35)

    A : Cylinder Area(12.2㎠)

    P : Air Pressure - Max Air Pressure

    R : R = (Radius)

    D : Disk diameter(m)

    Formula is shown with graphs to get right model.
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